拙著『波瀾万丈の車両』(アルファベータブックス刊)、発売中!! くわしくは、こちらへ

東武鉄道大追跡 カバー.jpg

拙著『東武鉄道大追跡』(アルファベータブックス刊)、2021年2月9日(火曜日)発売!! くわしくは、こちらへ


拙著『大阪の地下鉄大研究』(天夢人刊)、2023年10月3日(火曜日)発売!! くわしくは、こちらへ


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Keihan Electric Railway Series 3000 first (Series 8000 30s now), the commercial operation at the end Sunday, March 31, 2013? 〔Critics railway〕 [鉄道評論]


Keihan Electric Railway is pleased to announce that the Series 3000 is the first to retire in March 2013 already.

I believe will be on Sunday, March 31, 2013 end date commercial operation. (One for children during the day. ¥ 1500 adults, except without Ishiyamasakamoto line. Keishin line freedom and getting on and off), September 05, 2012 its basis, "Free Ticket × Koropura Keihan Keihan line" of the company from (Wednesday) because you have to release March 31, 2013 (Sunday). People who want to ride the first Series 3000 to your heart's content, people who want to take, this ticket, is perfect for lovers of travel savings (the "savings" The travel, the person who make a deposit at the post office). (even if 1 commutes for your information between Demachiyanagi - Yodoyabashi, I do not get my money's worth)

For renewal of the elegant saloon Series 8000 has already been completed, the company's TV car is only the first Series 3000. Because so many troubles to the last minute ride (seat other than the above), the "menu" and the auxiliary seat seats outlook, TV car, double decker, normal. I think, the second floor of a double-decker seats and outlook is starting station, TV car is recommend the train ride upstream (TV's TV car, because it is only set up near the Demachiyanagi).

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